Punit Dhandhania to become Business Development Advisor to Graphic World, Inc.

Punit Dhandhania

Punit Dhandhania

St. Louis, Missouri, USA–Graphic World, Inc. a global comprehensive knowledge and learning solutions provider that offers a wide range of services, today announced that Punit Dhandhania of Pondicherry, India will become Business Development Advisor to the company on May 1, 2016.

Punit has over 25 years of leadership experience in the knowledge and publishing space and has brought high-quality value-added services to the likes of Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, Lexis-Nexis, Wiley, Hachette and many others.

Punit is a leader with vision and high personal values, and he is a strong mentor of senior professionals. For the past 10 years, Punit has been very successful in aiding publishing services businesses and their customers in an advisory role. Prior to that he built his own well-known service company and operated it for 15+ years before it became part of SPi Global.

As GW’s Business Development Advisor, Punit’s role will be to help grow business in existing services and in new directions, meeting with customers and prospects in the US, EU, and Asia while visiting GW offices in the US and India from time to time.

Punit commented, “I look forward to working with Graphic World and, along with the terrific team they have, strive to bring a new generation of growth in this digital age where fantastic new opportunities are emerging across the entire content life-cycle.”

Punit holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from the prestigious Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry, India. For more about Punit, see his LinkedIn page.

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