Medical and scientific

GW is a global comprehensive knowledge and learning solutions provider.  Our Illustration group was created over 25 years ago and is considered to be among the best. We understand the importance of accuracy and precision for scientific and medical artwork.

Our artists and creative project managers form a team to meet your specific illustration needs with a mix of professionalism and creativity. Our years of experience in health sciences, working with doctors, nurses, and professors gives us the knowledge to speak their language and create what is needed, working from a description or a sample. 

We provide thousands of high quality images every year on schedule and on a budget. No request is too small or too large. You can rely on us to give your project the visual boost it needs. Click here to see our work.

Creative and illustrative

GW Illustration and Design group understands how to mix the right amount of creativity, development and attention to the smallest details.   

We bring decades of knowledge in illustration, design, and creative development across many platforms and disciplines.

Creative project managers work with you to understand what your objective is, what information and development is needed, and which creative artist is best suited for your project. 

We provide tens of thousands of images every year on schedule, maintain budgets and ensure quality. No request is too small or too large. We will enhance your project with exceptional visuals that will get your message across. Click here to see our work.


Click here to see our work.