freelance opportunities for subject matter experts (SMEs)

We’re excited you are thinking of joining our team as a freelance SME!

Following are some FAQs related to the work and the process. If you have any further questions, or would like to submit your resume for consideration, please email us at

Who is the GW Content Development team?

GW has many departments, all of which help publishers and other clients create and build educational and reference products. Our Content Development team specializes in creating learning content, assessments, and instructor resources on behalf of educational publishers. 

What are the qualifications to be a freelance SME?

  • Master’s degree or higher

  • Teaching experience at the collegiate level 

  • Experience writing learning content or assessments

  • Exceptional writing skills

  • Located in the United States

What types of projects are available?

Most of the available work consists of creating assessments, such as test banks, chapter quizzes, student activities, and so on. Some projects require all new authoring. Other projects are updates of existing assessments, in which case you would be responsible for reviewing and updating the existing questions. Some new authoring is typical for these as well.

Other types of projects include:

  • Instructor resources, such as lecture PowerPoints, instructor’s manuals, instructor resource guides, and lesson plans. As with the assessments, this may be new authoring or a revision of existing content.

  • Learning content, such as instructional lessons/units on specific topics. 

For each project we provide you with the relevant textbook chapters to use as a source/reference, writing guidelines, templates, and samples of what your completed project should look like when it’s completed (when available). 


Is this a W-2 position?

No. This is a freelance/contract position.


Is this a full-time commitment?

No. Work is assigned on a project basis. You accept only the projects you are interested in working on. 

How can I be added to the freelance team?

  • For assessment work: Candidates must submit sample questions to accompany a chapter we provide. These questions should adhere to the item writing guidelines we provide as well. 

  • For other writing: Candidates must submit a short writing sample based on a topic that GW supplies. 

Our reviewer will then evaluate the samples and provide feedback. It is not uncommon for a handful of revisions to be requested. Once the samples are approved, you will be added to our freelance database.

How will I know when a project is available?

As new projects become available, you will receive an email that includes a project offer for your consideration. The offer will include details about the scope of work, schedule, and pay. Pay is typically a flat fee or a per question fee.

You are free to accept or reject projects as you please. Rejecting a project does not disqualify you from future offers.

Can I work remotely?

Yes. All work is done remotely.