freelance opportunities

We’re excited you are thinking of joining our team! We have a number of freelance opportunities throughout the year for:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Artists
  • Copyeditors
  • Proofreaders

We work in a large number of disciplines, from humanities to earth science to nursing, so we encourage you to reach out if you are interested in learning more:

Below are some current open opportunities.

SME Content Reviewer – Mental Health Nursing

We are looking for SME reviewers to help us update an existing student study quiz set. This is freelance work to be completed remotely.

The existing quiz content is part of a project. (If you’re not familiar with Cerego, it is essentially a self-study tool that uses multiple item types. The most common item types are similar to flash cards and fill in the blanks, but in quiz mode, users are given choices to select from, so each item also has custom distractors.)

The Cerego content was originally written to align with a specific mental health nursing textbook. The next edition of that book is being released, so we are updating the Cerego sets accordingly.

Your role as the SME would be to review those existing items against the new textbook edition to ensure everything still aligns, delete items that don’t, and occasionally author new items to cover new content. There are also some additional checks you would perform, such as ensuring the answers don’t include cluing, all answer choices are of high quality, all fields are complete, etc.

All work must be done online in using the Chrome browser.


  • Advanced degree in nursing
  • Experience as a nurse educator (experience teaching this or related content) or experience writing test items

Project timeline and budget:

  • Start date: can start immediately
  • Final end date: 8/16 (interim batch dates will be assigned)
  • Total number of items available for review: up to 900
  • Revision level (related to textbook revisions from previous to current edition): moderate
  • Budget: To be based on actual number of items you sign on for; as an example, this project budget is $445 per 400 items*

*Given the size of the projects, we commonly split the work among multiple SMEs, which is why the budget is per a set number of items. Batch sizes can be adjusted. This is just to give you a better idea of budget.

To apply:

Email resume or CV to

Test Item Writer – Maternity Nursing

We are looking for a SME to author new HESI test bank items. As the SME, you’d be responsible for authoring 100 new questions and rationales. The questions must be NCLEX style and will include some tagging (metadata).

We will supply access to an online database that you can use for research/reference. We’ll also provide content categories and key words that should be covered in the exam.

All authoring will be completed online.


  • Master’s prepared nurse
  • Experience as a nurse educator (experience teaching this or related content) or experience writing test items

Project timeline and budget:

  • Start date: estimating a start date of late May/early June
  • End date (due date): to be confirmed; estimating a turnaround time of ~2 weeks
  • Budget: to be discussed

To apply:

Email resume or CV to and refer to the project “HESI Maternity Nursing."

Related projects:

We will also have similar projects available for geriatrics, APRN adult primary care, APRN family, dosage calculations, and health assessment. Start dates have not been confirmed yet, but if you’re interested, please contact.